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There are few things in life that are as fantastic as advertisers make them seem and usually everything looks better in the magazines than it does in real life. The clothes look better on the model, the food looks more fresh in the advertisment, and the vacation spot looks nothing like it did in the commercial.

So when I planned my vacation to the Dominican Republic I braced myself for that feeling of slight disappointment when you realize it doesn’t exaclty look like it did on their website. I’ve experienced this feeling numerous times before, so it has almost become the norm for when I’m booking a trip. I know that not everything will be as perfect as it seems but in this case, I was wrong.

The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It is truly one of those rare finds that looks exactly like it does in the picture. The water is crystal clear. The sand is fine and white. There are tropical fish that swim right up to your feet. The palm trees blow in the breeze. It was exactly as I had imagined it to be.

I enjoyed a blissful week drinking fruity cocktails, lounging on a beach chair, and stuffing myself at the many different buffets at our resort. This was one of my favorite vacations.

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