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I’m obsessed with brunch lately. And although New York City, with it’s plethora of fantastic brunch restaurants, isn’t far away, sometimes I don’t want to make the trip. But finding local places that do brunch well isn’t that easy. Princeton definitely has some notable places but I’ve pretty much tried them all. I came across Pascale and Sabine via an internet search a few months ago and I’ve wanted to try it ever since. It got great reviews on Trip Advisor and the menu looked promising. And although I’d like to sample the dinner menu as well, the brunch menu is what really stood out to me. I added it to my list of restaurants I must try and finally got around to stopping in this past weekend.

It was the best brunch I’ve had in a long time. As far as restaurants in NJ go, it may be the best brunch I’ve ever had. We started off with some bellinis from the bar, which right off the bat, told me I was in for a treat. It had real peach puree and looked the way a bellini is supposed to look, or at least how I always expect them to look – sort of that cloudy, pinkish color. Then, we ordered French onion soup to start. I figured it’s a French restaurant, the French onion soup has to be pretty good. And it was.

When it came time to order our main meal, I had a really tough time deciding. The omelet of the day came with caramelized shallots and the quiche of the day featured lobster. The duck cassoulet also stood out on the menu. Ah! Too many choices. I eventually ordered the croque monsieur, which is like a fancy, French breakfast sandwich. Matt went with steak frites topped with two fried eggs (to make it brunch-y). My croque monsieur was incredible. Salty ham, lots of cheese, and a creamy, béchamel sauce topped with a perfect sunny side up egg. It came along side some simply dressed mixed greens.

At this point, we were pretty stuffed, but everything had been so delicious I couldn’t pass on dessert. Plus, when we sat down I noticed they had a hot chocolate on the menu and it was SO cold that day. I had been thinking about it since we arrived. So, because we’re really not sensible people, we ordered two desserts and the hot chocolate. The chocolate mousse was delicious and so were the beignets, but guys, the hot chocolate stole the show. It was to die for. Honestly, if you put it in the fridge, it probably would have turned into chocolate mousse. It was so rich and creamy and probably a thousand calories and worth every single one. It came piping hot, but with vanilla ice cream that somehow managed to stay cold the whole time. It was actually really weird. The chocolate stayed hot and the ice cream stayed cold and it was seriously the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

I’m definitely going back. Maybe for dinner next time. Or, maybe for their brunch again. Either way, I’m ordering the hot chocolate again.

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