blue cheese butter

For our wedding, which was two and a half years ago, one of our friends got us a gift certificate for some Omaha Steaks. We were cleaning and organizing the apartment the other day and stumbled upon it. Apparently we had never used it. I am notorious for doing this, by the way. I lose gift cards and gift certificates. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I think part of the problem is I always want to save them for a special occasion and then I just forget about them. I should probably just use them right after I get them to avoid this problem. Anyway, we ordered the steaks.

I know this makes me a bit of a freak but I am not a huge steak fan. I don’t dislike it per say, but it has to be good quality and cooked perfectly. I’m very picky when it comes to steak. If it’s tough or chewy or fatty I won’t eat it. I also find steak to be a bit boring sometimes.

Our Omaha Steak package included four filet mignons and two ribeye steaks. Last week, I cooked two of the filet mignons fairly simply with just a bit of salt and pepper and some butter. They were good but needed some A1 sauce.

I cooked the ribeye steaks this week. I didn’t want to marinate them to take away the natural flavor of the meat but I also didn’t want to prepare them the same way I did the filets last week. That’s when I came up with this blue cheese butter. I seasoned the ribeyes with a bit of salt and pepper and then seared them in a bit of butter and olive oil in a cast iron skillet. So, technically I actually did prepare them the same way I prepared the filets, but the blue cheese butter really transformed these steaks. Unlike a complicated pan sauce, this blue cheese butter is super simple and also really versatile. You can put it on chicken or fish or spread it on a bagel. It’s delicious.

blue cheese butter

1 stick of softened, room temperature butter (I use salted butter)
2 tablespoons of crumbled blue cheese
2 tablespoons of minced scallions
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl using a stand mixer, a hand mixer or a good, old fashioned spoon. Scoop into a bowl. It’s ready to dollop on your steak (or whatever vehicle you choose to eat the butter with)!

blue cheese butter 3

To form it into a log and refrigerate: Lay a long piece of plastic wrap on a flat surface. Place the butter down the center of the plastic wrap in a line and roll up the plastic wrap tightly. Twist the ends of the plastic wrap like a piece of candy. Place in the fridge.

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