crescent rolls with brie and sundried tomatoes

I love cheese. I always say that I could easily become a vegetarian because I wouldn’t miss meat all that much but becoming a vegan would be really hard for me because I just can’t see myself giving up cheese.

crescent rolls with brie and sundried tomatoes
triple cream brie with wild mushrooms from Trader Joe’s

I often experiment with different cheeses so when i saw a triple cream brie cheese with wild mushrooms (pictured above) at Trader Joe’s I was immediately intrigued. But when I got it home I couldn’t think of anything exciting to do with it. It seemed too special of a cheese to just eat on a cracker or bake in the typical brie en croute fashion. So, it sat in my fridge for a few days. I knew it was there but I still couldn’t think of what I wanted to do with it. Then, one night this week, I decided to make chili for dinner, and just as I was about to go to the store to pick up some rolls or corn bread, I suddenly remembered I had a package of crescent rolls sitting in my fridge at home. I also remembered the brie. But brie wrapped in crescent rolls still didn’t sound THAT exciting to me. I brainstormed. What could I add to make it a bit more special? Carmelized onions? Bacon? Apricot jelly? Well, they all would work well but I didn’t feel like carmelizing the onions or defrosting the bacon and I didn’t have apricot jelly. Enter sundried tomatoes. I have a ginormous jar of sundried tomatoes in my fridge and I decided that those sundried tomatoes would be the perfect topper for my crescent rolls and brie.

Crescent rolls with brie and sundried tomatoes

1 package/can of crescent rolls (I used reduced fat)
1 package of Tader Joe’s triple cream brie with wild mushrooms
8 sundried tomatoes


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Separate the crescent rolls and lay them flat on a baking sheet**. Cut the brie into approximately 1/4 inch slices and lay on the widest part of each crescent roll. Cut each sundried tomato in half lengthwise and place each one top of the brie – 2 halves per crescent roll. You don’t have to cut the tomatoes in half but it makes it easier when you’re biting into the crescent rolls.


Roll the crescent rolls up around the brie and sundried tomatoes and bake for 10-11 minutes, or as the package/can directs.

**I used a stoneware baking sheet but if you are using a regular baking sheet, lay a piece of parchment paper down on the sheet before you place the crescent rolls on it. The cheese melts and oozes onto the baking sheet and the parchment will make it easier for cleaning later.



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    • You could always just use whatever you have on hand too! Crescent rolls are so versatile. You can fill them with just about anything and they’d be delicious.

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