I really enjoyed my dinner last night. It was the first time I actually looked through my blog to see what I would make for dinner instead of going through a cook book or pinterest. Over the years I’ve started posting more and more original recipes and it was sort of exciting for me to look through and see all the posts I’ve written.

I usually decide what I’m going to make for dinner based on what I have available in my fridge and pantry. I happened to have some beef stew meat in the freezer and decided to make spicy chipotle beef. I didn’t have fresh cilantro so I had to omit that but other than that I followed my recipe. It was just as good as I remember it being except in the original version I used 2 whole cans of chipotle peppers which turned out to be too spicy, even for me. Always learning in the kitchen!

At first I was just going to boil some plain white rice to serve alongside the beef but then I decided I would make some quick cooking couscous to soak up all those amazing juices from the beef. I LOVE couscous because of it’s versatility. Instead of coming up with a new recipe, I stuck with my spring time couscous. Even though it’s not spring right now, this couscous was the perfect accompaniment to the spicy beef. I did make a few variations. I used whole wheat couscous, the juice of only half a lemon and didn’t add any corn.

The meal needed one more thing, a vegetable, to round everything out. I would have loved to serve some steamed broccoli or a spinach salad alongside but I haven’t had time to run to the grocery store and so my fridge is running a bit low on fresh produce, particularly low on leafy greens (shame on me). However, squash lasts a long time and I still had some leftover delicata squash in my fridge. I LOVE these guys. I’ve been on a delicata squash kick ever since I made this roasted delicata squash dish. It is amazing! The carmelization you get on the squash is fantastic.

So, there you go, my Wednesday night dinner. It was incredibly satisfying.

However, I have no idea what I’ll make for dinner tonight. We may have to stop and get some takeout. Actually, takeout sounds really good right about now.

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