I’m a “cooking with Kale virgin”. The only time I’ve really eaten Kale is out at a restaurant or if someone else happens to cook it for me. It’s not that I don’t like it. I totally like it. It’s just that I’m never quite sure how to cook it. Kale is one of those vegetables you have to cook right or it can turn out tasting completely awful and bitter (same as Broccoli Rabe, which I still have not figured out how to cook with).

Last night I decided I would follow a recipe for Kale chips. I have to say, my first batch didn’t come out great. I left them in way too long and they came out almost black, and very bitter tasting. The second batch came out much better. The Kale kept most of it’s bright green color, but was crunchy  like a chip. I didn’t throw out the bad batch either. I’ve found that mixing the burnt Kale chips in with the Veggie Paella I made a couple nights ago tastes really good! The combination of the crunchy, slightly bitter Kale actually pairs well with the Paella. Who would’ve thought right?

Despite the difficulties I seem to encounter when cooking with Kale, I’ve made it a goal of mine to start cooking with it more. Kale is one of those vegetables that is packed with nutrition. The more you can eat of it, the better.

How do you guys cook Kale? Share your recipes with me!

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