fusion appetizers

I’ve been in Manhattan a lot lately. It’s been great. I love the city and I like to venture in as often as possible. My brother and his girlfriend, who is from Cambodia, are visiting from Asia for the Holidays and my family wanted to take them into the city to see Rockefeller Center and the famous Christmas tree. I generally avoid midtown because it’s always so packed with tourists but since we were there doing touristy things and it was impossible to take any sort of transportation (I will never take the train into the city the weekend between Christmas and New Years ever again) it seemed easiest to just pick a restaurant near Rockefeller Center for dinner. We settled on <a href=””>Michael’s Restaurant on West 55th Street between 5th and 6th.

The second we walked into the restaurant and sat down I instantly felt calmer. The restaurant provided a nice respite from the craziness outside. Michael’s was quiet, calm and beautifully decorated for the Holidays. The menu at Michael’s is broken up into small plates and large plates. They also have an appetizer and raw bar section. The small plates are meant to be appetizers or first courses. All the food was very good but what stood out most for me were two of the small plates in particular. I love the idea of fusion cuisine and the duck confit sliders (pictured below) as well as the Korean steak tacos (pictured above) at Michael’s are a perfect example of what fusion food should be. Delicious! I couldn’t get enough of the little bites. I only wish they were bigger.

fusion appetizers

If you are ever looking for a good restaurant in midtown check out Michael’s and definitely order the duck confit sliders and the Korean steak tacos. These fusion appetizers will not disappoint.

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