I was so good on my diet. I really was. I didn’t cheat at all while on the Daniel Fast, at least not knowingly. Except once. One Friday night while on the Daniel Fast, I made an exception. Sometimes, you can’t help it…this was one of those times.

On a Friday night, friends of ours took us to a restaurant called “Cuban Pete’s” in Montclair, NJ. What a fun restaurant! Seriously, if you live in New Jersey, check this place out and get there early because it’s aways crowded. It’s loud, casual, and unique so if that’s not your cup of tea, skip it, but if you’re looking for a good time, and some good food, Cuban Pete’s is the place to go.

I had to break my diet. There were very few meatless entrees on the menu, and even if there were, who goes to a Cuban restaurant and orders a salad? It’s something you just don’t do. For tapas (tapas has to be one of my favorite thing in the culinary world) we ordered the Masitas de Puerco (crispy pork bites), empanadas, and bite sized Cuban sandwiches. Since I had already decided I was most likely going to break my fast, I decided to go for a traditional Cuban dish. For my meal, I ordered the Ropa Vieja, or Cuban shredded beef served with fried plantains and black beans and rice. And of course, you can’t go to Cuban Pete’s and not order a pitcher of Sangria. Word to the wise, bring a bottle of wine (Cuban Pete’s is a byob) if you like your Sangria stronger. It’s delicious, but definitely tastes like fruit juice.

I only wish the picture I took came out better! Everything hit the spot. It was, indeed, a worthy meal to break a diet for.

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