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The last vacation I took was in March. It is now August and 3-4 months is about my limit before I start freaking out and demanding to travel and vacate somewhere. Actually, I did go to Miami in June but it was only for 48 hours. 48 hours does not a vacation make. It was a tease.

Travel is such a release for me. If you’ve read about me, you know I often feel most at home in airports and that I am happiest when I’m traveling. Or eating. Really, eating while traveling. Unfortunately, my day job doesn’t allow me to go as often as I’d like but one also needs money to travel and, so, I stay and I work. And I save money for about 3 to 4 months and then I buy myself a plane ticket and book a room. And I go. Ideally, one day I’ll be able to work as a writer, for myself, or for someone else who doesn’t need me in an office, and I can travel more frequently. But until that day come, this is the routine.

So, this time, I booked a lovely room for Matt and myself on the beautiful island of…Saint Lucia! I found a groupon for the Bay Gardens Beach Resort and after some research (aka trip advisor stalking) I booked two plane tickets and our room. Let me just tell you, every time I have a bad day or something goes wrong or I feel stressed I think of St Lucia and I remind myself that very soon, I will be on this lovely little island for six bliss filled days.

And I cannot wait.

What about you guys? Where are you going next?

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