I’ve decided that the main roadblock to most diets or fasts is lack of preparation. I’m already running into this problem. I have a pretty busy life, as I’m sure, most people do. Working a full time job, managing social obligations, everyday chores, AND cooking healthful meals sometimes seems impossible. It’s very easy to put on weight when you’re starving after a long day of work, because most people will grab whatever’s easiest to eat, whatever’s available, which usually happens to be a fairly fattening snack. It’s much easier to open a bag of potato chips or microwave a frozen treat than it is to cut up a bunch of veggies and fruit.

It makes all the difference in the world if all the veggies and meals are already made and waiting for me in the fridge or freezer. So, the plan for today is to cook up a bunch of meals so that I have them waiting for me each night this week. But I managed to get a headstart yesterday. I had such a snack attack when I got home from work. I wanted to eat everything in my fridge, none of which is allowed on the Daniel fast. However, I managed to use some self control and even wound up prepping snacks for today as well.

Pardon the chipped nail polish

Once again, I used my Christmas present from my mom, the Pampered Chef mandolin slicer and potato chip maker. Click here for my blog on the perks of the fat-free potato chip maker. I peeled and thinly sliced 3 large potatoes, using the mandolin slicer, then proceeded to microwave in batches. It took some time (about an hour), but I wound up with about 1 lb of chips (I would guess), which was more than enough to satisfy my snack craving yesterday and last me for today. Unfortunately, my avocados are not quite ripe enough to make guacamole, so I ate the chips with fresh salsa and some tabbouleh.

Delicious snack, and 100% OK for the Daniel fast. But this is why preparation is so important!

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  1. Coach Crystal cooks on Sunday for the week for this same reason. If healthy stuff is in the house and already made, we are less likely to run by Papa John’s on the way home from work (though their thin crust grilled chicken is not a TERRIBLE choice. haha!!)

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