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Leftover night

pasta 2

Sunday night is usually the night I am super lazy and sit around watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and eating everything in sight. What is it about Sunday night that makes me want to eat everything in my fridge?? Anyway, this Sunday night my fridge looked pretty boring so, after surveying the left over items in the fridge, I decided I needed to cook something. I rarely cook on Sunday night, but since I didn’t have anything edible pre-made, I didn’t have much of a choice, and this pasta dish was actually so incredibly easy that I don’t even consider it cooking. (more…)

Summer Pasta

Normally when I think of pasta, I think of a hearty, filling meal made for those winter months when you really need some comfort food. However, it’s spring now, and it’s been fairly warm the past few weeks so I just wasn’t in the mood for a heavy pasta dish but I also wanted something quick and easy, and really, what’s quicker and easier than a pasta dish? (more…)

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