If you’ve read my blog at all, you know I’m a total travel (and food) junkie. And although I don’t pass up opportunities to travel anywhere, there are a few countries that are on my “must see before I die” list. For the most part, these 5 countries are always near the top.

1. India – This is number one for many reasons, but the primary reason (obviously) is the food. I am dying to go to India and eat the food. But besides the food, something about India has always fascinated me. The culture, the Taj Mahal, the markets, the people. India has been number one on my list for many years now. One day (soon) I’ll make it here.

2. Italy – Is it bad that the primary reason for wanting to see Italy is the same as the primary reason for wanting to see India? The food. Duh! Who doesn’t love Italian food? The pasta, the bread, the seafood, the PIZZA! I will have to be sure to space out the India trip from the trip to Italy. If I don’t, I run the risk of coming back about 100 lbs heavier. The other reason, aside from the mouth-watering food, is that much like Greece, Italy has so much history.

3. Ireland – Weird that the first 3 countries all begin with the letter “I”! Pictures of Ireland make me want to go there. It’s as simple as that. The green hills, the beautiful scenery and the Irish accent are enough to make me want to purchase my plane ticket right now.

4. South Africa – I want to go on a Safari! Plus the beaches are absolutely breathtaking (so I’ve heard).

5. Israel – (Another “I” country). Again, so much history here. So much HAPPENED here! Plus, I’ve been told that it’s a really beautiful place. Israel has been recommended to me many times and I considered it for my honeymoon.

What are the top 5 countries on your list?

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5 comments on “The next 5 countries on my list”

  1. Hmm…there are so many places I want to go to, and “top” 5 is kinda hard to pick. I’ll have to say, in no particular order:

    Switzerland – quite doable, just need the right time
    Japan – sushi, why not?
    New Zealand – to visit relatives and see the amazing landscapes
    Cambodia – and most of southeast Asian, actually
    Brazil – don’t really know why to be honest

    • Good choices! I’d also love to see Brazil and New Zealand. I’ve been to Switzerland and Japan (although I’d really like to see more of both) and living in Southest Asia, you’d think I would have been to Cambodia! But i’ve only been on the border. It’s a place I’d love to see as well.

  2. This is so fun! I haven’t thought about my list of top travel places in ages… but they include Thailand, Cambodia, Turkey, and Greece. I’ve actually been to Greece but I loved it so much, I’m dying to go back. Oh, and Hawaii. Yes, mostly for the beach, but I’ve been and would love to go.

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