I am grateful for the many opportunities I’ve had throughout my life to travel (19 countries at the age of 24 isn’t so bad). I’m even more grateful that I’ve been blessed enough to have actually lived in 3 of these amazing countries, and multiple regions throughout. However, sometimes I wonder if traveling so much has done me a disservice, because for me, there is no such thing as too much travel.

I find that if I stay in one place for too long I become restless. I get the “travel itch”. I was in Greece 6 months ago and already I’ve started researching for my next travel venture. The goal of 30 countries before 30 is slowly creeping up on me and I find myself constantly looking forward to the next time I get to travel. I envy people who are content to stay in one place. I lack this sort of contentment. I suffer from “grass is always greener” syndrome. And yet, at the same time, I don’t really want to lose my desire to see the world. Yearning for adventure and wanting to see the world are good things. God gave us a beautiful world and I intend to see as much of it as I can.

And so in June (yes, I have to wait until June), I will be traveling back to the Dominican Republic, with a layover in San Juan, Peurto Rico (somewhere I have never been). And then in September I hope to either head to London or St. Lucia. Another country I can check off my list! And you can be sure, a colorful blog full of food pictures will be sure to follow.

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5 comments on “The Travel Itch”

  1. Ah, I’m lagging behind at 13 countries (excluding layovers :P) at 24. Gotta catch up! Completely agree with you on the restlessness part. Maybe one day I’ll want to settle down…but not any time soon.

  2. Nooooo….you have to leave the airport to have the country count …thats the golden rule. …or at least go through customs and walk outside!!!

    I have around 40 at 40, but I think I should extra points for Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Yemen 🙂

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