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I’ve wanted to see this movie ever since I saw the trailer for it. It’s been out for over a month and I finally made it to the theater to see it and I’m SO glad I did. From the previews, I thought I would like this movie, but I didn’t expect it to resonate with me the way that it did. Not to mention, John Favreau gives a phenomenal performance.

Movie Synopsis (some spoilers):

The movie is about Carl Casper, an acclaimed Chef, played by John Favreau, who loses his job at a fancy restaurant after butting heads with the restaurant owner over creative differences. The two disagree about what items should be included on the menu in order to impress an influential food critic and blogger who happens to be dining at the restaurant one night. Chef Carl succumbs to his boss’s wishes and goes with the “favorites”, aka the “boring menu”. After receiving a hurtful and, for Carl, a deeply personal review from the food critic, Chef Carl loses his temper in the middle of the restaurant and, unfortunately, the tirade goes viral. Unhappy both personally and professionally, out of options, and feeling as though his career is ruined, Carl takes the advice of his ex-wife, played by Sofia Vergara, and opens a food truck. The rest of the movie is about his journey back to becoming a true Chef and reigniting the passion behind what that really means. It’s a process of self discovery as well as a realization of what’s truly important in life.

So, I loved this movie for many reasons.

1. Total food porn. For any foodie out there, watch this movie simply to enjoy the beautiful shots of the food Chef Carl creates and be prepared to get really, really hungry. #foodgasm.

2. A reminder that life is too short to not do what you love to do! I don’t know about you but I find myself in ruts every once in a while. Not physical ruts, but they might as well be. Whether it’s because of comfort or fear, I’m not sure, probably both, but I let myself become complacent about too many things in life. This movie is a reminder to stay passionate about the things you love to do and GO do them.

3. It made me dream! It made me dream about all the things I want to do. Sometimes I actually forget to dream. I forget that I actually WANT things in life. It’s not selfish to dream. I think God wants us to have goals and dreams and pursue those. We’re each unique (thank God) and we are gifted and talented in areas for a reason. Dreams can be a calling.

4. Perseverance. When that busted up, DIRTY, disgusting food truck pulled up I felt really disheartened. How on earth could this horrible truck ever be used to serve up delicious Cuban sandwiches and beignets? Chef Carl Casper and his young son got to work. After cleaning, buying equipment and repainting, the truck looked incredible. Now, the movies make this look easy, but still, the lesson is there. Persevere even when the dream looks pretty dismal. Persevere even if you have no idea how you’re going to do it! Persevere even when you feel like giving up.

5. Risk Taking! I suck at risk taking. I am afraid of the unknown. Chef Carl Casper took risk after risk after risk in this movie and he went through some pretty tough times but in the end, those risks paid off both personally and professionally. It was a reminder to be a little risky sometimes! Do something crazy. Try something new. Buy a food truck. Seriously guys, I am considering buying a food truck.

6. I loved the slow, but heartwarming, relationship development between Chef Carl and his son.

7. It made me laugh out loud and was so relatable. The Twitter scenes, the corn starch scene, the “chef loses his shit” meme. It’s funny stuff.

8. It made me want to cook. Now, obviously, if you follow my blog, you know I love to cook but this movie made me really want to cook. It served as motivation to get creative in the kitchen, seek out new ingredients, extract flavors in new ways. The scene where he’s grilling limes really spoke to me for some reason. Grilling limes is such a great idea and it just got me thinking of all the other cool things I need to try out in the kitchen.

I’ll stop there. Great movie. Go see Chef.

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