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We threw my grandma a 90th birthday party this past weekend. My grandma is one of the most important people in my life. She and my grandpa are like second parents to me rather than just grandparents. They have both always been really involved in our lives (both mine and my two brothers). Even when we lived in Thailand they called once a week to talk to us (back then it was expensive and we didn’t have skype), they made multiple treks across the globe to visit us, and sent us gifts and many coveted items from the US that we either couldn’t afford or didn’t have access to in Asia. They are fun, supportive, loving and great role models. Needless to say, I am incredibly blessed and lucky to have grandparents like them. So, even though planning a large party (for 130 people) can be really stressful and there were many times my mom and I wondered if it was a good idea, we both realized we are so lucky to be able to celebrate my grandma’s 90th birthday with her. She is still as bright and as sharp as ever and I mean how many people can actually enjoy a big party at 90?

It turned out to be a wonderful event and I’m so proud of how the decorations and personal touches came out. We went with a fall theme. Here are a few pictures from the event. I’m most proud of the 90 shaped collage poster (pictured at the top of this post). It came out great and my grandma was thrilled with it. We also had 1920’s music playing, a birthday quiz, and a slideshow. It was a great party and I’m so happy my grandma was able to enjoy it!

We were so busy the entire day that I didn’t actually have time to take pictures of the food! Can you believe it? I’m so ashamed! We had the main stuff catered in from a nearby Italian restaurant but my mom and I did make some simple appetizers, some easy punch, and a salad. Many of the appetizers were store bought and easy to assemble, like olives with feta, a cheese board and salami and provolone rollups. Maybe I’ll do a separate blog post on those. But again, I apologize for the lack of food pictures. It’s so unlike me. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the other pictures from my Grandma’s 90th birthday party and maybe even take away some ideas for a fall themed party or a milestone birthday party.

We created a quiz with some questions for the guests to see how well they knew my grandma. Towards the end of the evening we read out the answers and whoever got the most right at each table got to take home the center piece!

90th 3

For center pieces we used potted plants wrapped in fall-colored shiny paper, gourds, shiny little pumpkin jewels from the dollar store, votive candles, and mirrors for the base. We also ordered personalized chocolates for favors for guests and placed them around the center pieces.

90th 4

90th 5

Here’s a picture of the whole room after I finished decorating the tables.

90th 2

90th 6

Guests were able to write birthday wishes and notes to my grandma and place it in this glass jar.

90th 7

Here’s a shot of the cake:

90th 8

The lady of the hour:

90th 9

Family shot:

90th 11

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